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24K Gold Plated Russian AK47 For Sale

Our California legal 24K Gold Plated Russian AK47 is 7.62×39. We started with rare, hard-to-find (as in no longer imported into the country) 1969 Izhmash kits, numbers matching of course. We added a Childer’s Guns receiver with the proper Russian fire select markings and a brand new Radom cold hammer forged barrel. We gave all of the parts to the wizards at Lee Armory and told them to “make us some beauties.” These are the result. Properly built with Russian spec rivets, Tapco G2 triggers (922r compliance), and all the gun love possible. After construction, a very few select rifles are sent to a local metal shop for 24K Gold Plating, then reassembled with the original and untouched wood furniture.  For California, we add a grip wrap and block the mag to 10 rounds.  Own a piece of history today!

This is a real 24Kt gold-plated Russian AK-47, get yours today before they are gone forever.


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