Cheddite 209 Primers (1000/box) – Limit 20 boxes (20,000 primers)

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Cheddite 209 Primers (1000/box)

** Limit 20 boxes (20,000 primers) per order**        

2022 Quarter 3 Primer Markets:

As we’ve promised, we are keeping you updated on the primer markets. Like every other product on the planet, these costs fluctuate almost daily. Cheddite 209 Primers
A bit of good news (how’s that for a change?): The strength of the U.S. Dollar versus foreign currencies has created some savings for us all. We are passing that along to you.

War and proportioning of unrefined components in Europe are as yet introducing huge difficulties to European makers. The steel that is utilized for ammunition and part creation is hard to come by and is assigned by the providers. (Steel is vital for making structure bases and groundworks.) what’s in store concerns are that when the central processor returns to full stock, the vehicle business will support the creation and begin consuming more steel. This might make steel supplies diminish and inflate costs.

Cheddite 209 Primers

Importation costs (ocean container freight and inland freight) have more than tripled over the course of recent history. These costs are based on demand (there are very few openings on ocean ships for hazmat goods), increased labor, and higher energy prices. All of these costs are beyond our control. Nobody has any idea what future price trends will look like. 

The big U.S. manufacturers are utilizing all their primer production for their own ammunition manufacturing. All U.S. manufacturers have suspended component sales.

  • The Cheddite 209 is a great multi-purpose 209 primer.
  • Very consistent in our ballistic testing results
  • The only 209 primers with a lacquer sealant on the top of the primer
  • Standard U.S. size
  • Box of 1000 or case of 5000

Cheddite 209 Primers

12 reviews for Cheddite 209 Primers (1000/box) – Limit 20 boxes (20,000 primers)

  1. Steve Baumann

    Excellent shop with extraordinarily friendly staff.
    Even Larry.
    Just the best – And the prices are very fair.
    When others are out of ammo, they had some. They had the magazines I wanted, in stock, at a excellent price.
    No worries here, good people. Good guns. Good ammo. Good stuff.

  2. whales

    I will always do business with modern armz! Previously I have bought used guns from them that did not function correctly (can happen with any used firearm) and they gave me a full refund or exchange on the spot! Suprer knowledgeable and friendly. Best in town.

  3. Walter White

    Great place for all firearms needs. The staff are very knowledgeable and honest. They won’t try and push you into buying a firearm you don’t need. They’ll be honest with you and answer all your questions. They don’t look down upon people who are new to firearms like some shops. They’re super nice and have great pricing.

  4. Scott West

    Luke and his staff are awesome people to work with, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and very professional! Will DEFINITELY do business with them again! They did an out of state FFL transfer for my wife that was simple and seamless, they even stayed late to help us complete our transfer, and we appreciate the very personal attention! Larry, Matt, Eric and staff did a GREAT JOB!
    Thank you Modern Armz, close to home and convenient, we’ll be back, you’re our new and ONLY gun store!

  5. Michelle Garnett

    Excellent customer service! Got my first gun here, super friendly, knowledgeable and great prices! Thank You!

  6. Sandra Schoon

    Great service and prices. Made it smooth to sell my gun and buy a new one.Very friendly staff. The beautiful lab was very sweet.

  7. Overworked Ta

    Would recommend this shop.

    They will give you a fair price to sell used! Very upfront with you. Sold a revolver quick and painlessly. Did not have an issue. No other place in town would deal. Clean and friendly shop (complete with dogs haha). Family friendly guys.

  8. Katherin Thomas

    I came here looking for my first gun and the man that helped me was so helpful and kind. I almost purchase a handgun he showed me but backed out last minute due to being unsure of the feel of it so I decided to do my research first and then come back. I will definitely be coming back but I wanted to leave a review because as a newbie going to a gun store can be pretty intimidating and I felt none of that on this place.

  9. Nicholas Ten Eyck

    Just picked up my first ever primers. Moved from out of state and they helped explain the whole process. Luke took his time to go over every Primer I wanted to see. Really appreciate the amount of info and detail they went in to ensure I had no confusion whatsoever. Prices were also cheaper vs other stores in the areas. 100% made me a lifetime customer and I can’t wait to come back for my next purchase!

  10. Joshua McCulloch

    Friendly, knowledgeable employees. Great service and reasonable prices. They have become my go to gun shop.

  11. Danny Tennyson

    Just a good group of people. Called them up about an out of state purchase to have it transferred to them for a pick up. No push back like I have had from other stores trying to pressure me into buying from them instead. I am looking forward to giving them my business in the future.

  12. Lane Williams

    I have bought a ton of things with Luke at modern armz. He is hands down the best gun shop in columbia. Buying a suppressor with him (minus the ATF and wait time) has been the easiest process. With the silencer shop kiosk it is a breeze. Anytime I needed to see if the suppressor would fit on a new build, Larry was more than happy to let me bring in my rifle and try make sure everything would fit. Larry even went above and beyond to allow for some supervised visitation at the range! If you need anything gun related check with Modern Arms first!!!

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