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Eaa Girsan MCP35 pistol for sale

The short recoil 9mm, 4 5/8” barrel, along with the slide, allows for quick second shot resets, getting the shooter on target faster. The rear sight is a windage drift adjustable sight and the front is a dovetail sight. The traditional slim trigger allows for a short trigger reset and is accessible even while wearing gloves and the serrated ring hammer provides a positive grip while cocking. Enhanced external controls include an external extractor, ambidextrous safety, and magazine disconnect safety.

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Product Features

  • Steel Frame
  • Iconic Design
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Short Recoil
  • Slim Trigger

Made with serious respect to John Browning Classic design, The MCP35 pays homage to one of the most widely used military handgun designs in the World. Built on a steel frame and slide, the MCP35 boasts a 15+1 capacity in a staggered column magazine. . Built on a steel frame and slide in 3 matte finishes. Originally designed as a military pistol, it necessitated extreme accuracy and the Girsan MC P35 does not disappoint.

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Locking System: Most GİRSAN pistols are semi-automatic firearms operating on the short recoil principle. This action is provided by the slide moving to the rear and the barrel moving down once unlocked. The other system utilized is the recoil-operated system where the barrel is fixed and the slide moves rearward once the barrel pressure drops. girsan mc p35 pistol in stock.

It is important to identify your actual target, but it is just as important to know what lies past and before your target. A safe direction is any direction where an unintentional discharge or miss will not cause injury or damage. In determining a safe direction, remember that a round can ricochet off an object like a floor, water or wall, or go through walls, floors, ceilings, and windows. Whether in a house or outdoors, the safest direction is the muzzle angled down toward the floor. And never point at or cross the muzzle of a firearm (loaded or unloaded) at any part of any person’s body— the laser rule!

• Point the pistol in a safe direction.
• Put the loaded magazine into the pistol and ensure the magazine release catches.
• Pull the slide back to the end and release it freely.
• Now the pistol is loaded and ready to fire. The chamber loaded indicator shows that the pistol is loaded.

Product Information

Cartridge 9mm Luger
Capacity 15+1 Round
Weight 21.6 Ounce
Barrel Length 4.87 Inches
Action Type Semi-Automatic
Trigger Type Single Action
Safety Ambidextrous Thumb
Threaded Muzzle No
Barrel Finish Black
Front Sight Adjustable
Rear Sight Adjustable
Frame Material Steel
Grip Material Polymer
Frame Finish Black
Magazine Quantity 1
Slide Finish Black
Grip Style Textured
Grip Color Black

Eaa Girsan MCP35 pistol for saleEaa Girsan MCP35 pistol for sale


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