MP7A1 PDW for sale


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MP7A1 PDW for sale

The most widely popular machine gun, MP7A1 PDW for sale is a variant of legendary MP7 and stands for Personal Defense Weapon. The practically recoil free weapon is exceptionally light weighted and offers phenomenal performance which other weapons of its dimensions cannot. The compactness makes it favorable for concealed carry for defense purposes. Its exceptionality in combat-genius makes it famous in arms community particularly in the NATO. MP7A1 PDW for sale offers maximum shooting and does not let its users get short of fires as it offers variably a maximum of 40 round magazine capacity. buy MP7A1 PDW firearm

MP7A1 PDW for sale is designed under the banner of Heckler & Koch. Heckler & Koch have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. MP7A1 has its users all around the globe, specifically Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Serbia, United Kingdom, United States etc. MP7A1 PDW has shown its exploits in War in Afghanistan,  Iraq War, Operation Inherent Resolve, Operation Neptune Spear. buy MP7A1 PDW firearm

The exceptionally light weighted, MP7A1 PDW for sale is a curved shaped short stroke piston semi automatic pistol chambered in 4.6×30 mm caliber. MP7A1 features smaller stock and a straight buttpad, slighter longer weapon which makes it ideal for handling and controlling. The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated picatinny accessory tail which does not effect its compactness. MP7A1 PDW makes shooting in stressed situations foolproof with its Safe-Action trigger system. This compact champion offers shock, temperature and caustic liquids resistance as main frame is constructed in high-strength polymer. MP7A1 PDW for sale is so legendary in its making and its compactness that it offers legendary performance in any condition, so have it.

Technical Data:

Caliber – 4.6×30 mm
Length – 638 mm
Barrel Length – 180 mm
Weight – 1.90 kg (without magazine)
Magazine capacity – 20 / 30 /40 Round Magazine
Operating Action – Gas-operated

MP7A1 PDW  for sale


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